At Resort IT, our customer service and support is based on the following principles:

Quality-Our client solutions are done right the first time on time.
Commitment-We continue to be there for our clients when they need us.
Excellence-To provide an economical and efficient mission-critical solution.

Our Sales Guarantee
Resort IT offers a variety of performance and capability guarantees, ranging from an assurance of functionality to the in-house storage of entire back-up systems. We continually maintain a high level of support and will not guarantee anything we are not absolutely certain we are capable of implementing.

Technical Information and Troubleshooting
Current customers will find detailed problem resolution and troubleshooting information by logging on to the Resort IT KNOWLEDGE BASE.


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To report a technical problem or tech support issue use the following: 

   Toll Free: 866-278-0838   In Orlando: 407-589-1020


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