e-Transformation™ n. e-Trns'fr-m'shn
1: A qualitative shift in the way you conduct business.
2: A function that changes the position and direction of your business.

In the dynamic world of business, companies are rapidly leveraging new technologies to transform traditional business models into new technology business models. Nowhere is this more evident than the travel and hospitality industries.

From streamlining operations, to complete customer resource management, to extending your enterprise to suppliers and business partners, Resort IT facilitates this transformation process. With the explosion of Internet-enabled technologies, we help you focus on what your e-strategy should be and how to build, implement and reap the rewards of a successful business transformation plan. We can help you take your business beyond traditional models and create new models suited to your goals.

Our innovative e-Transformation strategies utilize our hospitality industry experience and business expertise to deliver solutions that make your organization more competitive while setting the stage for growth.

Unified company-wide e-mail communication: you@yourcompany.com

Unique Internet domain name: www.yourcompany.com

High-speed Internet access

Electronic paperless faxes delivered to your desktop

Web site design, hosting, and management

Intranet development for more efficient company-wide information distribution

No Two Strategies are the Same
Our flexible, tailored consulting approach helps pace your business transformation as your needs develop. We provide you with insight on how you can leverage today's technology with an e-transformation that makes smart business sense.

We offer web site hosting and management leaving you free to grow your business and develop the essential content. We can link to your existing core applications and provide all the necessary tools for establishing an Internet, Intranet, or Extranet solution uniquely matching your organization's needs.


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